Boondocks The Spice Project

Boondocks The Spice Project
Region: N/A
Avg. Price: ₪213.40
Description: The moment we sampled the first batch of Dave’s latest creation, “The Spice Project”, we knew Dave struck gold! Over the next couple of months, Dave perfected the blend, a dash of this a dash of that, until it was perfect. The first thing you notice with The Spice Project is its bold aroma which features a harmonious blend of ancient spices that are rich, earthy and a little spicy—reminiscent of apple pie or mulled wine. Its light golden amber hue catches the light and glistens as it’s poured. When you take your first sip, the spices dance on your tongue, and are balanced by a touch of sweetness. Notes of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg linger, with a hint of spice and a delightfully prolonged finish. Consider it a boon from Boondocks, something extra and unique. But don’t consider it too long, grab a glass and a friend, pick a rocking chair, bar stool or lounge chair, and enjoy.
~ Master of Malt

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